Confab 2018: best one yet

Confab this year was top-notch. I would have paid to see Gerry and Sara alone. It’s a bit late but here’s a quick summary of the things I learned. Gerry McGovern - Keynote Main message: work with other disciplines and with evidence of what is actually happening. Need...

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Content accessibility

Say 'accessibility' to many people and their first thought will be: 'screen readers'. But content design can make a big difference to your audience - whether they use screen readers or not and whether they have an impairment or not. I am not an accessibility expert...

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Content designers should be in prison

By Nigel Jones Delivering simple, clear messages to prisoners, especially in the first few hours and days, has to be a priority. The problem Part of my work involves going into prisons to talk with people living in the system, because they’re my users. I never ask,...

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