Applying content design training

This is a guest post from Kat Rose from @microform_ltd. Kat is responsible for content on and came to our last 2-day content design course. Here's what she said about the course and how she is applying it to her work: Getting...

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GOV.UK: beta to live

By now, the departments understood we really were doing this. We were near publishing the beta to live and we said we would publish with or without departmental fact checking. We weren’t looking for approval. We just needed to know if it was wrong. We wanted to work...

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GOV.UK beta

Last week, I left you at the end of convergence at Directgov. Next came the alpha of GOV.UK. As I wasn’t on the alpha, I won’t comment on that. One of my team was, the truly brilliant @lisa_e_scott, but having lunch with her once a week was as close as I got. If you...

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Word count for web pages

 A lot of organisations specify a word count for web pages. This is supposed to help usability — we know people generally read less online than they do on paper. But word counts are often used as a tool to try to control bad writing, not to promote good content....

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Content role description

 I’ve had a number of conversations recently, with people from around the world, on what we, content people, call ourselves. There’s some irony right there. Do you call yourself a content editor, content writer, digital writer, content designer, copywriter...  any of...

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Content discovery

 Discovery is another term stolen from the agile way of working. It is a way of finding out more about your organisation and what your audience needs from you. Content discovery can tell you about: your audience what your organisation thinks it wants what your...

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Content crits

 A crit is a critique. I use them in content design to: help the team write and edit consistently create or iterate a style guide build a team improve the product I learned about crits at art school where I studied design. I had the half-shaved head and batik-printed...

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