Lawyers who want plain English

This post isn’t like my usual ones. I was totally humbled and inspired last week and I wanted to share. Imagine this scenario: you have perfectly user-centred, researched page of gorgeous content and your publishing process means your next step is to get it ‘signed...

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When designing with data is dangerous

You know I am a big fan of designing with data. In fact, I practically come out in a rash without it. But recently I was reminded how dangerous it can be to design with only data in mind. There’s an absolute stack of metrics you can get from your content. How long...

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Academic research as data

This is the 4th post of 5 about using data to improve your content. I'm going to make a sweeping generalisation here, but I'm guessing a lot of people in the web world first think of analytics and user testing when gathering 'data' to improve a website. That's totally...

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Writing for the user

In my post ‘Push vs pull content’, I talked about internet users ‘pulling’ information to them. Users have something they want to do, something they need. They think of a word or phrase, put it into a search engine, look through the results, choose the one they think...

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