GOV.UK beta

Last week, I left you at the end of convergence at Directgov. Next came the alpha of GOV.UK. As I wasn’t on the alpha, I won’t comment on that. One of my team was, the truly brilliant @lisa_e_scott, but having lunch with her once a week was as close as I got. If you...

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Word count for web pages

 A lot of organisations specify a word count for web pages. This is supposed to help usability — we know people generally read less online than they do on paper. But word counts are often used as a tool to try to control bad writing, not to promote good content....

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Content role description

 I’ve had a number of conversations recently, with people from around the world, on what we, content people, call ourselves. There’s some irony right there. Do you call yourself a content editor, content writer, digital writer, content designer, copywriter...  any of...

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Content discovery

 Discovery is another term stolen from the agile way of working. It is a way of finding out more about your organisation and what your audience needs from you. Content discovery can tell you about: your audience what your organisation thinks it wants what your...

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Content crits

 A crit is a critique. I use them in content design to: help the team write and edit consistently create or iterate a style guide build a team improve the product I learned about crits at art school where I studied design. I had the half-shaved head and batik-printed...

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