Academic research as data

This is the 4th post of 5 about using data to improve your content. I'm going to make a sweeping generalisation here, but I'm guessing a lot of people in the web world first think of analytics and user testing when gathering 'data' to improve a website. That's totally...

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Writing for the user

In my post ‘Push vs pull content’, I talked about internet users ‘pulling’ information to them. Users have something they want to do, something they need. They think of a word or phrase, put it into a search engine, look through the results, choose the one they think...

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Dumbing down

The Oxford English Dictionary says ‘dumbing down’ is: ‘simplified so as to be intellectually undemanding and accessible to a wide audience.’ The most important word in that definition is ‘accessible’. If you make your content easy to read, you aren’t ‘dumbing down’,...

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Structuring content

Ask a lot of content people how to structure content and they’ll they dive straight into things like information architecture rules, search results, page orientation, triage and order. Really, structuring content comes down to one thing: your user’s head. It doesn’t...

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Why editors need to design

 Designers do ‘look and feel’ and editors just write words, yes? Nope. While you may be constrained by the template you've been given, as content people you have a lot of control over the look and feel of the page that will actually help your audience consume your...

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D&AD Judging

Imagine it: a massive hall with some of the most creative work in the world, all spread out on tables and panels in the form of packaging, posters, books, video, websites etc. And a civil servant/first time D&AD judge who was completely naked. Well, not literally...

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