Content Strategy Workshops

Content strategy workshops

Content strategy is the backbone of all you publish.

Or should be.

Your strategy should tell you who you are talking to, how, on what channel, and when plus how you as an organisation see and measure value. We have created an example strategy for you to see the kind of work we do: example content strategy blog post.

If you would like us to help you create a comprehensive content strategy that will save your organisation time and money, we can come to your office and run a bespoke content strategy workshop.

Our workshops:

  • are part learning, part consultancy – you’ll be working on your own content strategy so you’ll leave with a tangible and actionable plan you can get started on right away
  • show you what you need to do to create, maintain and iterate a strong content strategy that will deliver for your audience and your organisation
  • include how to talk about your strategy with stakeholders and colleagues, so your content can survive culture change as well as become truly user-centred
  • are for organisations who are just starting out as well as those who are already established

We tailor our workshops to the organisation and have a number of modules you can choose from. We’d like to talk through your situation and agree the best agenda for your time. The sorts of topics we can include are:

Workflow and governance
We will look at the way your organisation goes from idea to publication and iteration. We’ll look at team working, cost efficiencies and any improvements that could be made.

Substance and structure
This is where, when and how you are publishing your content. We will look at how you are communicating on each of your channels so that you have the most consistent and comprehensive content strategy.

Business needs vs user needs
We will take a look at what you as a business need to communicate, what your audience wants from you and how best you can achieve your aims.

Measuring success
We will look at what success is for your organisation. Often, organisations measure traffic to a website or overall time on page. We will look at how to measure effectively and in a way that will help you make faster, more reliable content decisions in the future.

Value mapping
We’ll go through how much it costs your organisation to produce content. We will then look at what value is to you and where savings in time, money or productivity could be made.

Type of workshop

1-day workshop
This is for organisations who already have an established content design team, are using user-centred design techniques and will be happy to be given techniques to complete a content strategy.

Train-the-trainer version of this course
We can deliver a 1-day content strategy session with up to 2 people in an informal setting. This is more like a ‘train-the-trainer’ course. We will go through your organisation’s challenges and give you the techniques to create your own content strategy covering all the aspects above but on a 1:1 level.

2-day content strategy workshop
This workshop is a complete grounding in content strategy. We go through everything in the 1-day workshop in more depth plus additional modules on team structure, stakeholder management, content planning, agile content production methodologies and channel communications.

For more details, please get in touch.


What our customers say
  • “Brilliant course, great balance and interesting content. Learned a lot.” ”Great speaker, great insight knowledge, great understanding of problems, great tips.”