Writing for digital services


Start pages, forms, help text – content design for transactions

Every time users buy, book or apply for something they have to fill in a form and complete a transaction.

Research has shown that clear and simple content removes blockers and helps users complete a transaction.

This means low dropout rates and high success rates.

Our one-day course helps you get the tools to write successful content for transactions.

You will:

  • create user journey maps to build your content on
  • identify user needs to write action-focussed content
  • write content for start pages, forms and confirmation emails
  • learn to write clear help text and error messages
  • discuss good-practice example from the industry


You can bring your own transaction or work on an example we give you.

After this course you will be able to apply practical tools to your own work.

This course is for content designers/editors, designers, UX or interaction designers.

For more information, mail us at: info@contentdesign.london