Content design test.

To join our contractor network, you'll need to complete the following test. We use this test to assess your skills and expertise.

The task

We’d like you to design a piece of content to meet the following objective:

"A national addiction charity is planning to transform their digital services. Part of this project is to improve the advice they give people online. The aim of the project is to help people explore what help is available and how they can access it. This advice should not replicate their walk-in service."

Things you should know

User research

User researchers have found 2 groups of people who’d benefit from an online advice service:

  • people who need help for their addiction and are not already talking to someone in person,
  • work colleagues, friends, family members, who are worried about another person’s addiction. 

Information about the service

  • All services are confidential.
  • Anyone is welcome, regardless of the severity or nature of their addiction.
  • People can choose their own treatment plan and go at their own pace - no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do.
  • When a person arrives at the service, they’ll be asked some questions about themselves.
  • They’ll see an addiction counsellor right away if someone’s available or they’ll be asked to book an appointment to come back.
  • The addiction charity aims to see people within a week of their first visit.
  • Support includes:
    • group work, 
    • individual counselling or therapy, 
    • medical treatment, such as detox.

Before you start the test

We recommend you find somewhere quiet and make yourself comfortable. You’ll need a computer, a good internet connection, and a pen and paper to take notes. 

Set aside 2 to 3 hours for the test. It’s okay if you take longer, work at your own pace.  

What we’d like you to do

Using the information provided, we’d like you to: 

  • write the user needs and acceptance criteria,
  • sketch out a simple user journey, which includes a beginning, middle and end,
  • prioritise the most important user needs, 
  • design a piece of user-centred content that addresses the user needs you’ve prioritised.

If you want to carry out desk research to learn more about the topic, that's okay. Just make sure you include your research when you send us your test. 

What we’re looking for

We’d like you to show us:

  • the process you use to design content,
  • how this process has informed your writing, 
  • how this has affected the tone and style of your piece of content. 

To help us understand, you should annotate your work. 

What you need to include in your test

You should send us a copy of:

  • the user needs you have written,
  • the user journey,
  • a single designed piece of content,
  • anything else you think is useful to help us understand your approach.

Send us your test

When you’re ready to apply, you must upload:

  • your content design test,
  • a brief cover letter explaining why you want to work with us,
  • an up-to-date CV.