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The Content Design London Academy

Many talented content people are missing out on content design work because they don’t have the right ‘hands-on’ experience. We are changing that.

In September 2019 we launched the Content Design London Academy.

Taking place 1 evening a week, over 14 weeks, it will give you the chance to complete a real content design project for a small charity with industry-leading experts. The academy takes place in London.

We are looking for

  1. students who want to improve their content design skills and career opportunities
  2. small charities that want to provide a real-life brief in return for evidenced, accessible, user-centred content to publish

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It gave me the skills and practical experience to solidify the theory I already had, and I've been able to use the Academy project as an example of my work to clients and my new employer. It also opened me up to a great network of other content designers - one of whom became a client of mine - and the course paid for itself within only a few months. I've since moved away from the UK and have been able to bring content design practices with me to my new employer in Denmark, and will soon be starting a community for content designers here to spread the discipline even further.
Amy Grinstead

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The academy is currently being run online.

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New course starting April 2021