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Published 18 December 2020, by Sarah Winters in Content Design Content Process.

In general, the less said about 2020 the better in many areas. But, to continue our theme of updating you on our progress.


Our 3 goals for last year were:

  • Research: hidden access needs,
  • Readability guidelines,
  • Climate change: carbon neutral.

Let’s look at how we did.

Research: hidden access needs

We spoke about hidden access needs in our talks, presentations and courses. We also partnered with a domestic abuse charity for our academy. We will now just add this to our everyday work to highlight these needs.

Readability Guidelines

This project went on furlough, really. As a company, we scaled back on the projects we run for free. Readability was part of that. Happily, we will be resuming the research we had planned for this year into early 2021. The content design club will get early access to the report and then we will update the wiki.

We have exciting news that we’re working with Duit Studio to translate the guidelines into Spanish.

Climate change

The whole world has changed its travel plans so there’s not much of an update here. I can tell you that we continue to be carbon neutral and that won’t end. I can also say that when travel is open again, we will look at sustainable travel first.

We are also looking at becoming a B Corp organisation, and have started that process.

Content club

One thing that was not on the plan was our content design club. After a successful alpha with:

  • 61 participants from 9 countries,
  • 4 crits,
  • 4 show and tells,
  • 2 guest speakers,
  • 6 socials,
  • 37 content questions posted to slack.

We launched the club properly on Monday 16th November. Currently, we have:

  • 66 people in 8 countries,
  • 16 content questions posted to slack,
  • 2 sets of an exclusive blog post and content template for the club (these are released every month),
  • monthly themes to frame our discussions and events,
  • and we rounded off the year in a very 2020 way - with a Christmas quiz!

Which brings us neatly to 2021.


More content club tiers

We launched with a single tier, costing £10 a month. For that, our clubbers get:

  • access to the exclusive content club slack channel, to build your network, ask the community questions, share experiences (and pain!), and learn from others across the industry,
  • a content design template each month to support your work, and make your job a little bit easier (these are tools and guides based on over a decade of experience from the Content Design London team),
  • regular social catch-ups, hosted by the team at Content Design London.

We are now launching


You’ll get the above and:

  • access to a library of videos and podcasts, released per month,
  • early access to blogs by email,
  • monthly reading club; we release a blog post or book we think will be interesting to the community and then get together to chat,
  • additional monthly chat for networking, sharing tools, techniques and cathartic rants (if that is what you want to do).

Price £25 a month

And gold

You’ll get the above plus:

  • guest speakers, every month,
  • regular crits, at the need of membership,
  • quarterly coaching session with CDL staff - where are you, what do you want, your career,
  • Free, early access to booking onto CDL’s masterclasses.

Price: £45 a month

We are talking to CPD about gaining points for the material in the gold tier. We’ll keep you posted on that.

If you sign up for 12 months at silver or gold, you’ll get a free month and a copy of the Readability Guidelines.

If you are a current content design club member - we will be in touch about how to upgrade if you want to. You can just pay the extra and you’ll move up.

For more details or to sign up, mail

Courses and workshops


We will be announcing our next academy dates in January. For details on the last academy, take a look at some of our blog posts:

Our first content academy.

What I got from the Content Design London Academy

Academy 2020. Content clarity based on user research

Content designers are digital ethnographers

Working remotely: one team in 12 rooms making sense of it all

Content Design Academy: questions and answers from Twitter

A video of our 2020 Academy Show and Tell

If you would be interested in signing up for our 2021 Academy please fill in this form.

Content design course

The next date is 27th and 28th of January and we have just a few places left. For an outline of the course or to book a place visit our Eventbrite page.

Content strategy course

We run a bespoke content strategy workshop for organisations where we work on your:

  • aspirations (what do you really want for your digital?),
  • blocks (what’s stopping your digital transformation?),
  • proposition (what are your publishing, where and why?),
  • governance and workflow,
  • success and value (tracking both gives you much more successful content),
  • channel mapping (how your content works on- and off-line. Humans don’t make decisions in isolation. Understanding their world helps you provide better products and services).

We are planning to pilot a public content strategy course. This will be for people who are alone in organisations, freelancers or those who have sole responsibility for their content strategy. Release dates coming soon. Sign up to be informed when this course is available.


Can’t say too much but I can say that we are planning to release a book on content strategy, one on content research and another on content delivery; as well as my second content design book. All of these are in early stages so we will see how we do!

Focus for 2021: diversity

2020 was the year that shook perceptions. Perceptions of how humans behave and the impact we have. We plan to make that the focus for next year. We will look at racism, gender and sexuality and inclusivity in language for 2021. We will have speakers for the content design club members, workshops and blog posts sharing our work. If you’d like to be involved as a speaker, author or expert, please get in touch with

The whole team at CDL would like to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.

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