Neil Fazakerley

Introducing Neil

1 December 2022. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But for me, it’s a different kind of beginning — my first day in a rather exciting new job.

Yet another blog post about ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT became an overnight superstar when it launched in November 2022. Does the world need another ChatGPT blog post? Maybe not. But we reckon Content Design London (CDL) ought to have something to say about a technology that really could turn the content world upside down.

How we wrote a blog post with ChatGPT-4

We used artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT-4 to write a blog post called ‘A short guide to feedback in content design’. This was an experiment, to put GPT-4 through its paces and see what it can do.

In this companion blog post, we discuss exactly what we did. We hope it helps you learn how to get the best out of GPT-4 and other large language models like Microsoft’s new Bing, and Google Bard.

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