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23 June 2020

By Sarah Richards

Content Design Content Process

Through our content meet-ups and the conversations we have on social media, we at CDL are very aware that lots of content designers have to work alone in their organisations - and that it can be a problem for them.

Being the only content designer in any organisation, large or small, can be isolating and sometimes overwhelming. It can be hard to continue to advocate for the user if you feel you’re the only person doing this and that others misunderstand your motivations and how the user can be best served.

Our experience with the first group at the CDL Academy has shown how valuable a content design community can be. The support the group has shown each other, even after the academy finished, has been one of the best things to come from it.

We’re keen to build on this now. Our new content design club is a way for content designers across the UK and around the world to connect, share experiences and offer support to each other.

How it will work

Our aim is to connect you as a community of content designers. We want to run a pilot content design club for 3 months to see what works best and what you really need. It will cost £10+ VAT per month to join payable in one (£30+ VAT total).

We’ll set up a dedicated Slack space for us all to chat openly about our work and challenges. CDL people will be on the channel regularly, answering your questions and offering their advice and experience. We want to create a genuine community and help each other.

Each week, we’ll run an online crit. CDL staff and content design club members will crit each others’ work.

We’ll have a monthly webinar focusing on a specific topic.

We’ll gather your feedback as we go - this is a pilot so we can adjust what we do depending on the community’s needs.

The content club will run from 20th July to 16th October.

At the end of this 3-month pilot, we will take feedback from members to see where our content design club should go next.

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Update 20th July

We’re delighted to have a filled our content club with 60 bright minded content professionals. Sales for this content club are now closed. If you’re interested in participating in a future content club please contact Claire.

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