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Content Design: an expanding discipline

19 October 2020

By Joanna Goodwin

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It is an exciting time for people working in content, and a milestone week for content design as a stand-alone role, recognised within the industry.

Elisabeth Carr announced in a Medium blog post last week that the technology giant, Facebook is changing the name of their Content Strategy team to the Content Design team.

This news follows the Shopify announcement that they are also adopting the discipline and changing their team from Content Strategy to Content Design.

Content Design London’s founder, Sarah, first defined the term ‘content design’ in the early days of GOV.UK, where she led the award-winning content team in the design of the UK government website. In the decade since, we’ve worked with large and small organisations across the private and public sectors to change the way they think about content.

Sarah said, “At, we changed the title so that the rest of government would see the work of content people in a different way. We wanted to show them the full set of skills and that we had extended far beyond checking for typos. It’s great to see the industry recognising the same fact: content people are brilliant (I may be biased)”.

It is exciting to hear the content design discipline being widely adopted. We are so proud and excited to be part of this journey.

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