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Published 10 July 2020, by Mark Picken in Content Design Consultancy.

We’re noisy about lots of things like:

We’re not so noisy about our consultancy projects.

But in the background we have quietly been helping a whole range of organisations with their content.

Projects like the 2 week sprint we did with Equiniti, and the digital transformation work with The Law Society.

How consultancy projects start

Organisations approach us knowing they want to solve a content issue. Quite often they are not sure what the best option is.

To work that out we have a conversation and find out a bit more about them and what they want to achieve.

This process gives us time to understand their needs and business goals.

Once we know more we use our expertise to work out the best way to achieve success.

And we look at success for you in 3 ways:

  • help you make or save money,
  • help you fix a problem,
  • help you look good.

What a Content Design consultancy project can look like

We have a range of processes in place that create results. Projects vary based on:

  • client needs,
  • budget,
  • deadline,
  • client capacity,
  • in house skills.

And a project can run from 3 days to 3 months.

We have a flexible team in place, meaning that if you want Sarah to sell the benefits of content design and strategy to your board or decision makers, you can. Or if you want Hinrich to lead on a content strategy, then we can do that too.

It could be that you need a full team - content strategist, content designers, user researchers - who will then train your own staff while running the project.

Or, you may want an experienced content strategist or content designer to be embedded in your team, either in house or remotely.

We can help with both those needs. We’re also experienced in working alongside other digital agencies and on wider digital transformation projects.

Having worked in government we understand how internal teams and departments work. We also know how digital agencies work, so we are able to work with both, bring the teams together and make sure that projects run smoothly.

The Content Design consultancy process

Our processes have been tried and tested in private, public and third sectors, and government nationally and internationally.

They include:

  • scoping sessions,
  • content strategy to set the direction of future content,
  • content ecosystem analysis,
  • content sprints,
  • content audits,
  • content roadmaps,
  • accessibility audits,
  • workshops like journey mapping, identifying user and business needs, workflow and governance,
  • recruitment,
  • comms planning to embed content strategy into your organisation.

Once we know more about you, your needs and your users’ needs, then we tailor a project to achieve the best outcome.

And the outcomes can be:

  • making complex content easier to understand,
  • making your content easier to find than your competitors,
  • reducing the number of calls you get from customers (as they can now do more online),
  • reducing spend on creating unnecessary content,
  • only creating content that your users need,
  • creating content that meets WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards so you open it up to more users and can be compliant,
  • get your content strategy and content right as part of your digital transformation.

We can then be on hand to provide support, mentoring or just be on the end of the phone, to help you while you make those changes and get the most from your content.

Want to get more from your content? Email the Content Design consultancy team and we can see how our team of experts can help you.

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