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We coach and mentor teams and individuals throughout complicated projects.

Typically this consists of a regular hour Google Hangouts or Skype, where we spend time understanding your content strategy and design problems, and help you find ways towards a solution.

The difference between coaching and mentoring

There are different types of coaching. We do ontological coaching, which is where we look at who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go in life. Then we work with you to remove any blockers to that vision of yourself. The whole idea of this type of coaching is that we look at you as a whole and complete person to make long-lasting changes.

Mentoring is a chat with an industry expert who has a wealth of expertise. They will be able to give you real-world experience, answers and guidance. It’s like a consultancy session just for you, to get you to a particular goal or over a particular hurdle.

One surprising fact is that anyone can call themselves a mentor or a coach. They don’t have to have any qualifications or actual experience. So you can spend a lot of time and money on someone who doesn’t get you to your goals. That’s not us. We have the training, experience and track record to support you.


Coaching is the complete opposite to mentoring: we don’t tell you what to do. Coaching is all about you. We can’t have the answers - no-one knows but you. But we will guide you to those answers using a set of tried-and-tested tools and techniques.

Sarah will be doing all the ontological coaching, so only 4 spots are available. Sarah is finishing up a year-long intensive course and has her own coach and coaching network of peers.

Sarah’s support and mentorship has been invaluable. Hearing about Sarah’s own experiences and getting her advice has given me the tools and confidence to tackle the challenges I’ve been facing as the only Content Designer in my company. Every session was so insightful and every week I came away with reams of notes, full of ideas and next steps that I’ve been applying into my work. I can’t recommend highly enough!
C Hirst

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Because this kind of coaching is about lasting change, we’ll be starting packages with a minimum 3-month engagement.

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(due to coronavirus all our coaching is being held remotely until further notice)