We work with organisations around the world on their content strategies, setting up teams and training.

We work with:

  • governments
  • government agencies and bodies
  • charities
  • organisations and agencies who value social impact

Our clients are also committed to user-centred techniques. We work with organisations who don’t have any experience in this  – we’re here to help – but we do want a commitment from you. If you tell us you want to transform (or tweak) the way you do content but you won’t change any of your practices, hire, fire, move or train staff, then we are not for you.

If we are for you, we could offer these services.

Sprint packages

You can buy consultancy in ‘sprints’. Sprints are periods of 2-weeks with a clearly defined goal. So for example, if you would like to rework or launch a new topic for a website, we can help you for a fortnight on whatever it takes to make that happen. It could be desk research, working with user researchers, defining user stories, writing content, creating content like tools, calculators, chatbots etc with developers and designers.

Depending on the scope of the project, we may leave you with:

  • an outline of what needs to happen next to achieve your goal
  • a set of user needs for you to create content
  • publishable content
  • Or anything in between!

We’ll work this all out with you. Tell us what your aim is and we will help you get there.

Recruitment and contracts

We do very, very small amounts of recruitment and placing contractors. We want to help the organisations who come to us, but we’ll only get involved if you can provide the right environment.

Organisations we work with need to have, or be proactively and demonstrably committed to :

  • diversity
  • equal gender pay
  • user-centred content techniques
  • making the internet a better place, not just a place with more content

In return, we’ll offer you:

  • the amount of attention you want (if you want daily updates, we can do that, if you want an email once a month, we can do that too. You tell us)
  • list of contractors who have already been vetted by us
  • wide, engaged social media channels to help us reach good people if required
  • we’ll set a test with you so we can filter out unsuitable candidates so you spend less time interviewing
  • mentoring, training and coaching if required
  • short, plain English contracts
  • no massive, stupid admin processes

If you’d like us to find you someone wonderful, get in touch.

What you will get

From the founders of content design itself, who built the discipline and continue to push the content industry, you’ll receive:

  • Expert trainers who will tailor your session to your needs and environment
  • Ways to find out what your audience want from you and the most effective way of getting it to them
  • Techniques to balance audience and business needs
  • Value-mapping exercises, where we will define the value you add and see how much your content costs your organisation