We are the founders of content design.

We work with organisations around the world to:

  • deliver training
  • develop and embed content strategy
  • produce user-centred content
  • set up content teams

We can help you plan and create better content, and achieve better results more efficiently.

As well as coaching, content strategy and content design courses, we can help you achieve your content goals with 2 other services:

Sprint packages

Our content experts work with your team to achieve a clearly defined goal in just 2 weeks.

This can include: desk research, working with user researchers, defining user stories, writing content, creating content like tools, calculators, chatbots etc with developers and designers.

Depending on the scope of the project, typical outcomes include:

  • a shared understanding of a user journey, including what your audience need from you, the language they use, their pain points and what you need to do to fulfil their needs
  • a set of evidence-based user needs to create content
  • sketches or publishable content
  • understanding the value of your content: how much it costs your organisation and what success and value is to your audience

We usually supply a single 2-week sprint and then review. You can have multiple sprint packages with breaks or go for a longer-term project.

“We had a lot of people drop in from the different areas of the business who were all overwhelmed with what we had achieved and the process used to get there.  The relationship directors are now falling over themselves to book time in with us and take this out to their clients. It has created an enthusiasm within the teams that hasn’t been seen for a very long time.  

“The fact we can make a significant change using just people, paper and words is really refreshing.”

Tim Archer, Equiniti.

Longer-term projects

We can supply a team to help you produce user-centred content. We typically supply a content strategist and content designers to help you work through:

  • changing the skillset of an existing content team
  • training and embedding a new content team
  • producing user-centred content
  • creating a bank of user or job stories your whole organisation can work from (helping to stop silo working)
  • knowledge transfer of running agile content methods like stand-ups, retros and crits