1-day content design and strategy for comms

Bespoke course tailored to your needs


Comms professionals have their own set of challenges for online content. Working with digital teams, running campaigns and keeping the media happy can be tricky.  This session is a mix of content strategy and content design to help comms teams write for digital based on the latest research

In this one-day course you will find out:

  • when to use which format – for example, when to write a blog post or a press release
  • what success is to your organisation – this allows you to make content decisions much faster in the future
  • how to get to your audience at the time and place they are more effectively
  • how people read (and don’t read) web pages on different devices
  • what makes successful content
  • how to structure your page to help people remember content and take action

We’ll also cover the latest research on digital behaviour and ways to analyse successful content.You’ll choose the topic or subject you will write about, so at the end of the day you will have a page of user-centred content that is ready to publish.

Classes are small to allow for 1:1 tuition throughout the day. There’s plenty of time for questions.

As this is a bespoke course to each organisation, we can fit modules in from the content strategy course or our content design course