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9 reasons why you should do Content Design London’s 2-day Content Design Course

18 April 2018

By Ruth Gilbey

Content Design

Guest blog by Ruth Gilbey – Digital Marketing Manager and Content Design convert.

  1. Content Designers are in demand. Businesses and organisations are looking far and wide for Content Designers. We know this as businesses ask Content Design London to find Content Designers.

  2. CDL’s courses help you put in place what you learn straight away. You will actually work on content that you can use after the training course.

  3. Even if you don’t want to become a Content Designer you can apply what you’ve learned for your web writing projects. We’ve had digital marketers, copywriters and journalists come on the courses. They want to understand how to create high performing smarter content.

  4. CDL’s courses will demystify SEO, no hacks or tricks how to understand what your users need.

  5. After the course, you will question everything, gather data and make informed decisions.

  6. You’ll learn about user research which is a skill in its own right.

  7. You’ll learn about content discovery and content crits.

  8. Also, you’ll learn techniques to get your content signed off, and the science of reading.

  9. You get a copy of Sarah Richards’ book Content Design, so you can keep going over what you’ve learnt on the course afterwards. Sarah created the Content Design discipline and she and her team of highly skilled team deliver the courses around the world.

“Content Design isn’t just a technique it’s a way of thinking”

  • Sarah Richards

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