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Content Design book winner – 19 June competition

Published 26 June 2018, by Sarah Winters in Content Design.

On 19th June, we ran a competition to define Content Design in 13 words or fewer. These are just some of the entries. We had so many that we liked so thanks very much for everyone who responded. We’ll have more competitions in the coming months so look out for other opportunities.

Content Design is saying what your stakeholder wants to say divided by 1000.

Shaun Kelley @kelleyshaunm

To paraphrase @gerrymcgovern #ContentDesign is ‘getting to the essence of what people need and stripping everything else away’.

Mark Avery @CrispyContentUK

#ContentDesign is sharing hobnobs – giving people what they need, not necessarily what you want.

Rachel Murray @Rachel_BMurray

#ContentDesign gives people what they need, nothing more.

Sheila Ryan @SheilaRyan41

#ContentDesign – using data to make content so that people can solve problems

Jack Garfinkel @CuriousScutter

#ContentDesign: understanding customers’ problems, and solving with tools and knowledge, without wasting their time.

Alan Dalton @RealAlanDalton

#ContentDesign is about the design of presentation conveying content for the audience.

Hon Lee @mashupweb

#ContentDesign is presenting information users need in the clearest way.

Lizzie Bruce

#ContentDesign is wording & layout presentation combined with user research, behaviour and experience

Purple Star Media @PurplStarMedia

Doing the thinking so your users don’t have to.

Leigh Cook (via LinkedIn)

Identifying the user’s true problem then designing effective content to meet their need.

Claire Silcock (via LinkedIn)

Content design is… giving people what they need to do what they want quickly and easily.

Richard Steele @penofsteele

Putting people and their needs at the heart of the information design process.

Felicity Alma (via LinkedIn)

Helping users do what they need to do – usually with words, but not always.

Matt Clear (via LinkedIn)


Creating for the user not for you. #ContentDesign

Jonny Williams @JonnyFWilliams

Well done Jonny. Please send your mail address to and we’ll send you a book.

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