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CDL’s January 2019

Published 30 January 2019, by Sarah Winters in Content Design.

Last week, we had a team meeting. Whilst this is not earth-shaking news, there are some things that might interest you so we thought we would blog about it.

1. On Twitter, we are now @ContentDesignLN

We changed this because we are now an established team and credit where it’s due. Sarah is still on @escmum but her account will be mostly about cats and train delays. To be fair, you can also expect cat news on CDL too. Some things will never change.

2. We’d like to invite more people to join our growing list of freelancers

We need more content designers to help us with short, intense projects with clients. We are looking for experienced content designers who can lead and content people who don’t have a lot of experience in content design but can do the work. We ask you to do a short content exercise and then, if applicable, we’ll ask for your CV and phone interview. We test before CV because we are more interested in what you can do, not what you have done. Please mail if you’d like to apply and please do mention if you have been on one of our courses.

3. We’re changing the site. Again.

We know. The thing is, some of those elements on the current site aren’t accessible. We have tried various routes but we can’t make it work. So at some point this year you will see the site change yet again. The changes may be large or small, we don’t know yet. We are going to run this as we would any of our projects: discovery, user need, appropriate, inclusive content and design.

4. Readability guidelines

The project has gone really well and we are very grateful to all those who contributed. The next step we see is to produce a style guide based on that evidence that we will follow. We will open up that guide and put it on this site. We will produce guidance that we have evidence for and then add to it as and when we can. It will be an iterative process.

We are looking at funding options to carry out research on some of the style elements we don’t feel we have enough data for. For example, we know negative contractions cause usability challenges and have evidence for that, but how about positive contractions? Do they cause readability issues too?

The slack and wiki are still open so please continue to chat. We will look at moving the wiki as the current version isn’t great.

We’ll keep you posted about all of this.

We always love hearing from you. Content woes, cat pics. And especially if you’ve been on one of our courses or had us in for a content sprint. We really appreciate your feedback.

Hope to see you at:

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