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Published 30 March 2020, by Sarah Winters in Content Design.

July update on the content club


We’ve made the decision to hold on the content club. We know people want support, especially at the moment, but we need to make it viable so we can pay our amazing team to run it and give you the best experience and expertise.

We’re also working with multiple governments about their Covid-19 response, so our focus is on helping people get the content they need at the moment.

The good news is:

  • we do have ideas of how the Content Club can run in future,
  • and, we’re also going to run some free webinars.

Details to follow very soon.

Thanks again for your input and support.

We were planning to launch this club in April. Given everything going on right now, we wondered if it was the right time. We went out to social media and asked. Mostly, people wanted to know more, so this post is it.

The point of a content club

Through our meet-ups and the conversations we have on social media, we are very aware that lots of content designers have to work alone in their organisations – and that it can be a problem for them.

Being the only content designer in any organisation, large or small, can be tricky. It can be hard to continue to advocate for the user if you feel you’re the only person doing this and that others misunderstand your motivations and how the user can be best served.

Our experience with the first group at the Content Design London (CDL) Academy has shown how valuable a content design community can be. The support the group has shown each other, even after the academy finished, has been one of the best things to come from it.

We’re keen to build on this now and to introduce our content design club as a way for content designers across the UK and around the world to connect, share experiences and offer support to each other.

How it will work

Our aim is to connect you as a community of content designers. We want to run a pilot content design club for 3 months to see what works best and what you really need. It will cost £30 per month to join. We know cost is going to be a factor right now, so there are more details below.

Each month, we’ll organise experts to speak on topics of interest and kick off conversations and discussion. These talks will be at various times throughout the day, so we’re not shutting out those who aren’t in the UK or Europe. We’ll also make recordings available to members afterwards.

The schedule is:

  • Week 1 – Sarah will run a webinar interview with a guest speaker.
  • Week 2 – ‘office hours’ – 2 of the CDL staff will be in Slack running guided discussions on topics that the club members will decide on. For example, one week, we may talk about accessibility, the next would be transformation and so on.
  • Week 3 – online crit: CDL staff and content design club members will crit each others’ work (I’ll crit the crit – all very meta).
  • Week 4: show and tell.

We’ll provide a dedicated Slack channel for club members to talk to each other and to us. CDL people will be on the channel regularly, answering your questions and offering their advice and experience. We want to create a genuine community and help each other.

At the end of this 3-month pilot, we will take feedback from members to see where our content design club should go next.


We would love to do everything for free. It would be a lot easier. But we also want to pay people to give their advice and manage the community. So this will be a paying membership.

Some very generous people on LinkedIn and Twitter said they would donate so that those struggling financially can still join.

This is incredibly generous. So you’ll need to choose. Do you want to:

  • pay for yourself,
  • pay for yourself and donate so others can join,
  • sponsor a place for someone else.

In short, we will run this if we can break even.

Join us

If you want to join us in our 3-month pilot for content design club, please email with your interest plus if you’d like to pay, pay for yourself and donate for someone else, or be on a list for a free space. We will then see what numbers we have and if the club is viable.

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