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Readability guidelines alpha update: 4

26 September 2018

By Sarah Winters

Content Process Research

It’s been just over 9 weeks since we published the readability guidelines wiki. If this is new news to you, this full blog post explains what is going on

Last week we looked at hyphens using a different format.

It’s split into 4 sections

  • intro (so hyphens, em-dashes, en-dashes
  • best practice
  • examples
  • supporting evidence

I really like this format. It’s hard to go wrong with this level of information. Take a look and see what you think.

It all comes back to trust

As a group, no matter what topic we discuss, we come back to the same questions:

  • what evidence do we need?
  • how do we get it?
  • what will our organisations trust?

We are also hitting a problem of time to contribute to a project like this. Whilst many have commented that it is useful, we don’t have an avalanche of comments. So we are pausing the project until our meetup in October.

Meetup: October 10th, 6.30pm

We will be meeting at:

1 Cousin Lane

On October 10th at 6.30pm.

Thanks to Deliveroo for the space, nibbles and drinks.

We will discuss:

  • what worked
  • what didn’t work
  • blockers: is it evidence? Something else? What will help us?
  • research: do we need to get some, how?
  • do we continue and if yes, how?

We’ll publish remote participation details in Slack before the event.

Let me know in Slack if you plan to come, so we can sort numbers. Thanks to all who participated! Comments and chat still very welcome. See you on the 10th!

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