Content strategy workshops

Content strategy is the backbone of all you publish. It’s your aspiration, your goals, your success (and failure), it’s what you are publishing on what channel. And yet a lot of organisations don’t have one.

A good content strategy can help you stop spending time and skill on the wrong things. You’ll produce good, consistent content that leads positive brand awareness and increase staff retention.

Having a strong content strategy helps your organisation to:

  • keep costs low – it will cut down production time
  • empower your content team to deliver good content, consistently
  • understand the value of content in your specific organisation, so you can make more effective use of your team
  • make future content decisions more easily and quickly

Our workshops:

  • are part learning, part consultancy – you’ll be working on your own content strategy so you’ll leave with a tangible and actionable plan you can get started on right away
  • show you what you need to do to create, maintain and iterate a strong content strategy that will deliver for your audience and your organisation
  • include how to talk about your strategy with stakeholders and colleagues, so your content can survive culture change as well as become truly user-centred
  • are for organisations who are just starting out as well as those who are already established

We’ve published an example content strategy on our blog.

We provide this workshop in one day for organisations already using agile technique like user/job stories, crits, pair writing etc or two days for those who are not using those style of techniques.

We only offer this workshop as an in-house, bespoke training programme. It is specifically tailored to you so we would are not able to offer this as an open, public course.

If you would like to have a chat about what session is right for you, please email

Train-the-trainer version of this workshop

For smaller organisations, we deliver a 1-day content strategy session with up to 3 people in an informal setting. This is more like a ‘train-the-trainer’ course. We will go through your organisation’s challenges and give you the techniques to create your own content strategy covering all the aspects above but on a 1:1 level. This will enable the trainer to go back to the organisation and run the workshop with the necessary participants.