Content Strategy Workshop

This 2-day course:

  • is part learning, part consultancy – you’ll be working on your own content strategy so you’ll leave with a tangible and actionable plan
  • teaches you what you need to do to create, maintain and iterate a strong content strategy that will deliver for your audience and your organisation
  • includes how to talk about your strategy with stakeholders and colleagues, so your content can survive culture change as well as become truly user-centred
  • is for organisations who are just starting out as well as those who are already established

Day 1

  1. We’ll go through where your organisation is now and identify pain points
  2. You’ll learn about the basics of content strategy: each of the elements, how they work together and what you will get from each of them
  3. We’ll write your organisation’s strategy for each of the elements
  4. I’ll give you examples of content strategy from other organisations (including GOV.UK)
  5. We’ll talk about content discovery – how it can help you get user-focused content now and cut time for stakeholder discussions later

Day 2

  1. Content plans: why have one, what to include, what not to include
  2. Discovery: applying everything we’ve talked about so far to content you are currently working on
  3. User needs: different ways of identifying and writing your audience’s needs
  4. Pair writing
  5. Example sprint plans for agile content work
  6. Maintaining a content strategy, including how to use data for difficult discussions
  7. Timelines for your organisation for the next 6 months

The 2-day course can be done in one day if your organisation is small and not complex.


What our customers say
  • “Brilliant course, great balance and interesting content. Learned a lot.” ”Great speaker, great insight knowledge, great understanding of problems, great tips.”