International Courses

We were really excited to deliver our 2-day content design course in 3 locations around the world at the same time in November 2019 as well as running meetups in London and Manchester.


Susan Cowan, of Weave Web Communications, ran our course at Stone and Chalk in Sydney on the 12 and 13 November.

Susan started Weave (a digital agency) in 2009 and immediately brought in her first web writer, Angus Gordon. Later that year, in a stroke of luck, the marvellous Kristina Halvorson published her ground-breaking work ‘Content Strategy for the Web’. Susan knew this was what Weave wanted to achieve – a strategic approach to content. Weave have included content strategy in all their projects from then on – whether the client asked for it or not (shhhhh). When they read Sarah’s book ‘Content Design’, launched in August 2017, they realised this was a missing piece of the great content puzzle.

Content design has changed Weave’s thinking, and actually their process for creating content. It’s given them the tools to achieve things they’ve struggled with over the years. It’s made them think differently about problem-solving. And it’s made them more courageous in their advice.

London, UK

Hinrich von Haaren ran our London course on the 12 and 13 and November.

Hinrich is the content design academy director and is CDL’s head strategist. He was part of the original Government Digital Service team where he worked on the Business Link transition. Since then Hinrich has created content and content strategies for a large range of projects, including HM Treasury, HM Revenue & Customs, the NHS and Well Pharmacy. Hinrich also runs content design training and content strategy workshop for Content Design London.

Manchester, UK

Stephen Rehill and Nigel Jones ran our Manchester course in November on the 11 and 12.

Stephen’s clocked up over 9 years making users happier and their digital experiences simpler and easier. Starting off in book publishing and becoming a senior content designer at GOV.UK, he’s now consulting in content strategy and design for private and public-sector clients. 

Having trained as a journalist, Nigel’s first love was words. His work is now all about creating, or helping others create user-centred digital content. He’s worked as a content designer in both the private and public sectors and is now a CDL trainer.

United States of America

Andrew Lamb and Persis Howe are due to be delivering our course in the USA in 2020.

Persis is the Senior Content Strategist with Digital Services, City and County of San Francisco. In that role, she’s worked on permitting cannabis business and launched, the City’s cross-department user-focused website. Previously, Persis ran the Cross Government Content Community in the UK, managing training, support and conferences for content people across the federal government. Building and growing the content community of practice came out of her work moving government departments into GOV.UK.


Andrew has worked around the world helping businesses understand their audience, what they need online, what they actually experience and how to bridge the gap profitably. He’s also the reason Sarah entered the world of user-centred design. Meet the inspiration that led to content design.

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Peter van Grieken will be delivering our course in The Hague in 2020.

Peter is a strong advocate for all things Inclusive Design. He is the founder of design studio Frozen Rockets that has consulted on award-winning design projects for clients across the globe.

As an occasional conference speaker and organiser of workshops, his goal is to educate others in inclusive design and accessibility

Peter will be delivering the course in Dutch.

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