Buy Readability Guidelines Handbook 2019

Now available in print: our collaborative, evidenced Readability Guidelines wiki. A useful tool, and hopefully a welcome addition to shelves, desks, bags and bedside tables. We hope it reaches a few in-house, user-centred design libraries, too. 

The book’s dedicated to our amazing wiki project contributors. Thank you so much for helping us make our industry and its digital products more accessible to all.

Price, including postage costs

This edition reflects the wiki as of 15 November 2019. 

Any profits go to continue funding the project.

Why a book of a wiki?

We thought it could be helpful to share where we’ve got so far as a paper version: find out why in the book. We gathered feedback and got a resounding yes, do it!

Readability project background

Content people have so much to give. We not only produce content but work on its structure, the user experience, research analysis, tool logic and much more. 

But we need time for that. So this project was about getting together and putting all the style usability evidence in one place, for easy reference.

Using the Readability Guidelines

People use the wiki all over the world, from Parkinson’s UK to the Digital Transformation Agency in Australia, to: 

  • inform a style guide
  • get direction on a style point
  • show evidence when pair writing with a stakeholder
  • defend a content style decision in a client meeting
Price, including postage costs