Recruitment and Consultancy

We take few recruitment opportunities. We will only place contractors with organisations that can provide the right environment.

If you can offer a great environment, we can offer you:

  • list of contractors who have already been vetted by our content experts
  • wide, engaged social media channels to help us reach good people
  • we’ll set a test with you to filter out unsuitable candidates so you spend less time interviewing
  • follow-up mentoring, training and coaching if required
  • short, plain English contracts
  • short, easy admin processes

4 weeks to the ideal candidate

It typically takes us 4 weeks to take the brief from you to you offering your candidate a contract.

In this time we will talk to you about your organisation and tell you if we think the package and pay-scale will be successful. We’ll then set a test with you, find suitable candidates, administer the test, filter suitable candidates and get back to you. We can help you interview or leave that with you.

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“Content Design London helped us recruit a content designer to write user-centred information and advice for a new project here at Scope. CDL’s service was friendly, straightforward and cost-effective. Sarah met with me to understand not only the role and person spec, but also the team culture and the way we work here. She tested prospective candidates’ content design skills using a challenging subject from our own backlog. I’d use CDL again, should I need to recruit into my team in future. “

Stephanie Coulshed