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Readability guidelines alpha update: 3

12 September 2018

By Sarah Winters

Content Process Research

It’s been just over 8 weeks since we published the readability guidelines wiki. If this is new news to you, this full blog post explains what is going on:

In that time, we’ve:

  • had 259 people (and counting) sign up to the Slack channel
  • gathered 73 evidence data points
  • had lots of discussions about evidence, how we use it and why we need it.

Until 7pm on 11th Sept, we looked at:

We had very little discussion on these topics. Not sure if that’s because of time, lack of evidence or lack of opinion. We can talk about it in Slack and at the meetup.

After a lovely discussion in Slack, Karin and Mark Barratt came up with a new format. We are going to try it out on hyphens until 7pm on 19th September. So we have until then to look at hyphen use and go over any of the previous topics to see if there is anything new we can add.

We also created a #content-testing as a channel at Candi’s request. This is where we can add all the different ways we can test content. Please add any techniques that work for you.

See you in Slack at 7pm on 19th for a general discussion.

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