Transform your content strategy and operations using the LSP method.

Use The LEGO® Serious Play® method (LSP) to help your people and teams explore new ideas and solve problems together.

What we do

Using the LSP method, we'll design a workshop with you to explore your content strategy and operational challenges. We’ll then co-design a new approach to help your organisation to succeed.

How LSP works

Traditional meetings often involve discussing one idea at a time. This can make it difficult to connect ideas, especially when you’re exploring complex problems. And not everyone feels comfortable contributing in this way.

LSP solves this by giving everyone the opportunity to share their ideas and perspectives by building physical models with LEGO. 

It provides a safe space for opening up tricky conversations and making sure that everyone is heard. And help people see how different ideas relate to each other, which leads to more creative and innovative solutions. 

The result is that the quality of the meeting is better, and people co-design solutions. By sharing ownership of the outcome, they're more likely to support it at your organisation.

CDL introduced us to LSP to help us explore what our content vision and roadmap could be. Not only were the sessions fun but they helped us to think differently, hear new voices, and build consensus along the way. For an organisation that defaults to meetings and discussions, this felt like a game-changer in how we could co-create together. It sparked a whole series of LSP events to happen across the organisation!

What you'll get

Working with our Certified Facilitator of LEGO Serious Play, we’ll help you:

  • design a workshop tailored to meet your organisation's needs,
  • facilitate workshop(s) using official LEGO Serious Play kits,
  • identify challenges and explore solutions with the team,
  • playback the findings from the workshop, 
  • make recommendations on the next steps.

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