Content Design Academy (12-week course)

This 12-week CPD accredited training course is streamed live from the UK. It is designed for people who are working in content and want to gain practical experience in content design.

Who it's for

You should have some experience in content but you don’t need to be a content designer. The course provides practical experience and support in how to produce and manage content.

The Academy builds on our other courses, but it gives you time and space to work through the topics in more detail.

What you’ll learn

You’ll get the chance to work on a content project, from start to finish. Working as part of a team, you’ll find out who your users are, what they want from you, what they need and how to give it to them.

The course covers:

  • content discovery, user needs and user journeys
  • writing and reviewing content,
  • what success looks like and how to measure it,
  • how to promote content design in your organisation.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • understand why and how to do a content discovery,
  • explain what your users want,
  • use data to learn about audiences and find out what works,
  • think about how information is structured and presented,
  • use taxonomy to keep content organised and connected,
  • sketch ideas and explain your thoughts in a visual way,
  • create content in different formats and tones to meet users’ needs,
  • work as part of a team and explain the value of content design.

What you’ll get

This is an intensive course that prepares you to be a content designer. It’s a unique course created to help you learn real and valuable skills. Working in a small group (no more than 20), you’ll get personalised feedback and advice throughout the course.

A lot of people who attend the Academy have gone on to quickly find roles in content design. You also get the opportunity to build your own network of content designers working with you on the course

I've been able to use the Academy project as an example of my work to clients and my new employer. It also opened me up to a great network of other content designers – one of whom became a client of mine – and the course paid for itself within only a few months

- Amy Grinstead

Read more about the Content Design Academy on our blog.

Where and when the course happens

The Academy happens over 12 weeks. You’ll be expected to:

  • attend a 2 hour class for 1 evening a week,
  • do up to 3 hours of coursework, every week.

The course is run online, using Zoom.

We offer one reduced fee place on the course for £195 (inc VAT). This is for someone with a background that's underrepresented in the industry. We allocate this place through a lottery.

Apply for a reduced fee place

How you’ll learn

The Content Design Academy is a mix of teaching and self-directed learning. You’ll work independently and in groups.

You’ll be expected to share your work with others throughout the course.

You’ll need access to a computer and to Google docs.