Content design and the cost of living crisis

How to design content to support people looking for information because of the cost of living crisis

What you'll learn

Organisations everywhere are creating content to address the cost of living crisis. As content designers we like to create based on evidence and user needs, but in a crisis situation we often don’t have the time to speak to users.

You’ll hear about content creation issues that surround the cost of living crisis. The session will be based on best practice, what we know now and how to take a user-centred approach to creating this kind of content.

Who your hear from

Hosted by Sarah Winters with speakers from:

Where and when the talk will happen

The talk will be streamed on Zoom on Tuesday 13 December 2022. It'll start at 4:30 pm and end at 5:15 pm (UK time).

The event is free to attend. We will ask you to make a donation, if you can. The money raised will go to The Trussell Trust.

All our speakers will be paid for their time.