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Writing for the web course


“For me, the best part of the course was that I came away with something I could implement right away that was relevant to my work, rather than something theoretical”
Emily, Youth Justice Legal Centre

“Sarah’s training was really positive and practical. The intensive one-day course blew away any mental cobwebs we had as a content team.” 
Simon Hogg, Managing Editor, Shelter

2-day content course


“Sarah’s course is a must for people new to content design. I learned so many techniques and skills that I now use daily”
Greg Knight

“Having read the book there was a lot of repeat knowledge but talking about it helped provide more context and showed me more ways it could apply to my work. Nigel was an outstanding instructor. Excellent mix of leading, sharing and keeping the course interesting and engaging. Read the book and heard the course was happening. Flew across the ocean to attend!”
J Dugid

“Very insightful, highly recommend!”
Gordon McKie, Hilton

Content Design London are the absolute experts in the content and strategy industry that feels quite lonely at times. Absolutely worth travelling 8.7k km for – hello from San Francisco and thank you!
Katie Towne

It has been a great two days and really helped me to understand the CD process better, after pretty much teaching myself what I knew so far. Activities were well timed and kept the pace going. Great to be able to work on your own content. Has helped me gain direction in content I have been trying to write (literally) for years!
Helen Hill, Hippo Digital 

“Sarah is one of the best in the business. She truly believes we can improve lives with good web services, and her passion is infectious. You can’t leave her sessions and not feel like you can and must change the way things work. She’s certainly inspired me!”
Persis Howe, Content Community Manager, Government Digital Service


I did the 2-day content design course earlier this year in London, run by Hinrich and it changed not only my view of content, its purpose and power along with the impact of content design; it changed my view of my place in this digital world.

My background is national newspapers and my first foray into the digital world came with a truly horrible CMS.

Suffice to say, some years and several different adventures in CMS  later, I arrived at your content design course and after two days immersed in discussions about why content design matters, the purpose of defining purpose ie, user stories and job stories, and why content writing is a skill, I came away with a sense of validity and right to belong in the digital universe – because what I bring to the table is important and just as valid as coders and back end systems people – that up to that point I hadn’t experienced since leaving journalism.

It gave me the confidence to walk away from my previous role where my contributions weren’t being valued, to take up my current one where they most definitely are!

So I wanted to say thank you to Sarah, Hinrich and the rest of you for existing and for the great work you’re all doing.


Emma Lindsey
Content and Digital manager

“The course really met my needs. I found it motivating; I learnt from and enjoyed the practical exercises; I felt reassured that my team are approaching content in the right way, and I questioned some of the things we do. Sarah’s style of delivery was accessible and approachable and made the course very enjoyable”
Ali Straker, Red Cross

“Nigel was great! He presented the content at a good pace and level, explained terminology I was not familiar with, and gave real-world examples. The variety of activities was great, good to do some stretching and role play to break up the listening. Overall a great course, would highly recommend! Thank you!”
Emma Thompson

“It was a useful way to look at out products from an outside point of view and provided some good ideas to go back to the office with.”
John, Saga

“Brilliant, very thorough and interesting”
Chris Butterworth, Saga


“Great course pitched at right level from beginner to folks with some experience in writing and UX” 
Harry Dozier, Scottish Government

“Fantastic course. It has brought together many elements I use at work and made sense of them all. I feel a lot clearer about how I need to approach content design. Thank you!”

“Highly enjoyable and informative. Lots of practical advice and techniques to use in the real world.”

“Really excellent course. Hinrich was very clear, easy to listen to an understand and had a great sense of humour. The course reassured us that what we’ve been doing with our website is the right thing but also gave me ideas to take back and use in the future.”

“Excellent course and teacher. Enjoyable. I feel I have got lots more tools and techniques in my content toolkit. The interaction was just right, it was a friendly, relaxed atmosphere which is what you need when trying to learn.”

“This is exactly what I needed / wanted. Thank you so much.”

“BRILLIANT. Engaging and practical course – so much to take back and help my team.”

The Book

“I’ve worked at the intersection of content and design for most of my career, and what I’ve found is that the content filling the websites and apps we build often comes as an afterthought. We have elaborate design processes for designing how things should look and behave, but when it comes to the substance of what they communicate, we often fail to apply user-centered design thinking in the same way. Sarah’s book is so important, because it does just that. Content Design demonstrates how to create content people will find useful, how to discover your audience’s vocabulary, how to test your content with your audience, and how to do that work effectively. Yes, you can design good content. Let’s get to work.”

Michael J. Metts

“A fine tour through the fundamentals of content design and why it’s important. I think in the UX world we treat words as a container someone else pours value into, and we shouldn’t be doing that. Well designed content is as key to user experience as a well designed interaction. Richards’ book is short, but I think it lays out a good primer for how to think about content as a designable thing — along the way inadvertently showing parallels to other design processes we lionize in the UX world (e.g. design thinking, user-centered design). It’s a must read for anyone serious about making user-friendly, user-focused content.”

Dylan E Wilbanks

“Sarah, I just read your book “Content Design.” Wow. Concise and useful. Loved the layout (especially the large-print pages). Liked the Nice Green Energy example.

Easy to read and understand. Applicable to my job.

I think you re-wrote the rules for creating a book about user-centered content.

Thank you.”

Jo Marsicano


“Content Design show you how to approach web content, from initial discovery to putting words on the screen.

A great introduction to writing and wrangling content for the web. It provides good strategies for defining the problem, and doing discovery and user research. It makes it clear that a whole lot of work needs to happen before you get down to tackling the words on the screen. But it gives some good advice for web writing too. And because this work happens in teams, it also discusses collaboration throughout the process. I’m a web content writer and editor, and this has become an important part of my professional library.”

Mike Lim


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