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About our tailored training

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organisation is. Content Design London (CDL) can train your team to create user-centred content on a workshop or CPD-certified training course.

Unlike designers and developers who can choose from a large range of courses and degrees, most content designers still learn on the job.

We’ve worked with clients around the world, across the public and private sectors, to run courses in UX writing, content design, strategy and accessibility.

Our trainers

We believe people learn the most from practicing content designers. All our trainers are practicing professionals, with a wide range of experience. Our trainers have worked in:

  • charities,
  • education,
  • government,
  • healthcare,
  • big tech.

The benefits of good content

Content design is not “just writing”. It requires specialist skills, abilities and knowledge. Based on research, we know good quality content can help your organisation to save time and money.

Our courses and workshops

We can run public courses in your organisation or tailor our training to suit you and your budget.

We currently offer 2 CPD-certified courses. We also run workshops on content strategy and accessibility.

CPD accredited

Content Design London’s courses are CPD accredited. This means our programmes have been reviewed independently and certified for their quality. When your team complete the course, they’ll receive a certificate which most UK employers recognise.

How we support learning

We know people learn best in small groups, so our class sizes are never more than 16 people. This helps people to:

  • learn faster,
  • fully participate,
  • focus on their learning,
  • share ideas,
  • get personalised feedback.

How we train

Your team will complete individual exercises, group work and take part in discussions. This will help them to apply what they’ve learnt in the real world. They’ll also have the chance to get 1 to 1 support.

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