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Published 18 January 2021, by Sarah Winters in Content Design Content Process.

Almost all of us spend money on ourselves. We buy clothes, shoes, takeaways, all sorts. We also invest in ourselves with books and free webinars.

But for many, we spend a lot on looking good and much less on making sure we have concrete goals that serve us and a way to get there. We spend less on our minds.

Let’s change that.

The difference between coaching and mentoring

There are different types of coaching. We do ontological coaching, which is where we look at who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go in life. Then we work with you to remove any blockers to that vision of yourself. The whole idea of this type of coaching is that we look at you as a whole and complete person to make long-lasting changes.

Mentoring is a chat with an industry expert who has a wealth of expertise. They will be able to give you real-world experience, answers and guidance. It’s like a consultancy session just for you, to get you to a particular goal or over a particular hurdle.

One surprising fact is that anyone can call themselves a mentor or a coach. They don’t have to have any qualifications or actual experience. So you can spend a lot of time and money on someone who doesn’t get you to your goals. That’s not us. We have the training, experience and track record to support you.


Coaching is the complete opposite to mentoring: we don’t tell you what to do. Coaching is all about you. We can’t have the answers - no-one knows but you. But we will guide you to those answers using a set of tried-and-tested tools and techniques.

Sarah will be doing all the ontological coaching, so only 4 spots are available. Sarah is finishing up a year-long intensive course and has her own coach and coaching network of peers.

Because this kind of coaching is about lasting change, we’ll be starting packages with a minimum 3-month engagement.

Price: £4500 +VAT for 12 sessions.

Group sessions

In groups of no more than 6 people, this is where you will have coaching with like-minded people to get to the core of your goals, their blockers and how to change your life in a once-and-for-all kind of way. You can either come as a ready-made team with a goal in mind or join a group. Groups are based around purpose, so you might join the content design coaching group, how to deal with tricky stakeholders groups and more. Get in touch with the problem you want to look at and we will work from there.

You’ll get:

  • 9 group coaching sessions over 12 weeks,
  • 3 individual sessions (one a month), dedicated slack group, access to all the relevant tools and techniques.

You can stop coaching after 6 sessions, continue in a group (if there’s space available) or have individual sessions.

Price: £1200 +VAT for 12 sessions


We’ve been mentoring individuals and teams all over the world for years. As the founders of content design, working in tricky, large, small, centralised, federated - all kinds of teams, we have a wealth of experience. If any of our mentors come up against a problem a client brings to them (hasn’t happened yet, but it may at some point) we have the whole of Content Design London behind them.

We have many techniques that can work in numerous situations. We will work with you to find a path at work or look at your development in this industry.

Mentoring sessions start in packages of 6, 50-minute sessions on the phone or Zoom with one of the CDL content strategists or content designers.

Price: £1200 +VAT for 6 sessions.

Coaching and mentoring is an investment

If I told you there was a beat-up car outside, it may or may not get you where you want to go and it’s £500; you’d probably say no thanks. (And many more things besides.)

If I told you there was a top-of-the-range-whichever-car-you-wanted outside and it’s only £500, you’d probably transfer the money immediately before I changed my mind.

It’s the way you look at money (and we can work on that if you like). How much would you say you are worth? If you are stuck in a rut or not where you want to be, how much would you pay to get out of it?


I have long been sceptical of self help books and coaching, I thought a lot of it sounded like nonsense and psychobabble. Coaching with Sarah has completely opened my eyes to its value and potential. Our sessions have been genuinely helpful and made me a more confident and capable leader. I am a genuine convert.

David Mann, Managing Director at DXW

Sarah is a pragmatic, flexible and talented coach. It was easy to open up to her due to her positive and fun personality. She takes the time to get to know you as a person as well as learn about your current work situation. Her willingness to share her experience as both an industry leader and a fellow public servant were particularly valuable to me who had just joined this field with little knowledge of how things work in government.

From our first coaching session together, Sarah helped me assess and identify what I could personally improve as well as ideas that I could share with my team to further establish the value of content design within the organization. She focused on the “here and now” and provided guidance that fit my aspirations. During each session, Sarah would provide me with some action items to try and report back on. She always made sure that I put my strengths and passions to work.

Sarah has not only been an invaluable coach but also a generous and caring mentor. The tools and lessons she provided have encouraged and inspired me to take my skills to the next level. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a genuine and passionate coach with an incredible wealth of knowledge about content design, content strategy and much more.

Karin Tang

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