Terms and conditions of sale

The terms when you buy something through our website, including goods, services, events, and downloadable content.

1. Our Terms

1.1. When these Terms apply

All these Terms apply to all purchases made from our website - goods, services, events, and digital/downloadable content. You are legally bound by these Terms when you make any purchase from our website. 

If you do not agree to any part of these Terms, please do not proceed with your purchase.  You can contact us with your queries (see 1.3 below).

1.2. Who we are

Content Design London Ltd (Company Number 10765783, VAT registration number GB 291 7112 08). Our registered office is at 124 City Road, London EC1V 2NX.

1.3. How to contact us 

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, or you want more information, you can email us at shop@contentdesign.london

You can also telephone us on +44 20 7073 6598. We are normally available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding national holidays in England and Wales). We may record calls for quality and training purposes.

1.4. Ordering from us

You place an order on our site by:

1.    Adding products to a basket.

2.    Clicking ‘Buy now’ to proceed to the checkout.

3.    Clicking ‘Pay’ to confirm the order.

Please read and check your order carefully before placing it.

Before you order digital content, you must check you have the hardware and software on your computer or device to download the digital content. Please contact us for help if you need it.

When you pay at the end of the online checkout process, we will acknowledge it by email. This email does not mean that your order has been accepted.

We may contact you to say that we do not accept your order. This is typically for the following reasons:

  • the goods, services and/or digital content are unavailable,
  • we cannot authorise your payment,
  • you are not allowed to buy the goods, services and/or digital content from us,
  • we are not allowed to sell the goods, services and/or digital content to you,
  • the number of goods, services and/or digital content you have ordered is too large,
  • there has been a mistake on the pricing or description of the goods, services and/or digital content.

We will send you a confirmation email when we accept your order. At this point:

  • a legally binding contract will be in place between you and us, and
  • your order will be fulfilled.

1.5. Our liability limits, and other limits to your rights

These Terms limit our liability – see section 8 below.

These Terms limit your rights to pass on or resell your purchases from us – see section 4 below.

If you are a Consumer (see Definitions in section 1.5), you have statutory cancellation rights that are explained in section 3 below.

If your purchase from us is for purposes relating to your trade, business, craft or profession, then Consumer cancellation rights do not apply.  But anyway, if for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase please contact us to discuss your concerns.

1.6. Product types

There are three categories of purchase that you can make on our website.  They are:

  • “Product”      A book or other physical product.
  • “Download”   Downloaded digital content file of audio and/or video sessions and/or written documents/eBook.
  • “Event”         A booking for a forthcoming event, whether virtual or ‘in the room’.

1.7. Definitions

Some words and phrases in these Terms have special meanings or are to be interpreted in a specific way. They are explained here.

Where the definition is shown with an initial capital letter here in section 1.7, the word is to be read in its defined meaning when with the initial capital and in the ordinary English meaning when not capitalised.

  • “we”, “us”, “our” - Content Design London Ltd, as described in section 1.2 above.
  • “you”, “your” - refers to the person accessing or using our website to make purchases from us.
  • “Consumer” - an individual acting for purposes that are wholly or mainly outside that individual's trade, business, craft or profession 
  • “Consumer Information and Cancellation Data” - the information sheet linked in the footer of this website.
  • “our site”, “our website” -the site on which these terms and conditions are displayed, including https://contentdesign.london/.
  • “includes”, “including” - examples given after the word “includes” or "including" shall not imply any limit to the reach of the preceding general statement.
  • “Terms” -means these terms and conditions of sale as updated from time to time.
  • “Product”, “Download”, “Event” - see section 1.6 above.
  • “Group Rules” - rules for attending and participating in an Event
  • “Materials” - means written, audio and visual materials used or produced or presented during or to support the delivery of your purchase, including contents of Downloads and Products, handouts, videos, questionnaires, games, case studies, explanatory material, notes, calculations, specifications, reports, designs, drawings, flow charts, plans, trainer notes, reference material, prototypes.
  • “IP Rights” includes:
    • intellectual property rights including (but not limited to) copyrights, patents, registered designs, design rights, trademarks, service marks, and 
    • the right to apply for or register any such protection, and
    • all rights relating to trade secrets
  • “Location” - the venue and/or online platform used to deliver an Event.
  • “Participant” - means any individual attending an Event.

2. Product descriptions and exclusion of warranties

Descriptions on our website of our products and services available for purchase are general descriptions intended to provide a straightforward summary of key features and benefits.  They are not to be read as creating any warranty or promise or representation that you will achieve any specific outcome from the application of your purchase.

We may vary Event content, Location and/or delivery method and such changes will not be a breach of our agreement.

All Materials are created on the basis of our experience and knowledge. They may contain content that disagrees with other organisations’ outputs. It is your individual responsibility to determine whether to act upon any of the content, and where appropriate to seek further qualified advice before doing so relating to your specific circumstances.

Our Materials are written to share information and improve your knowledge and techniques. We cannot promise that you will derive any specific outcome(s) as a result of your purchase.

  • Digital content/download  we’ll use all reasonable efforts to make sure it does not have defects, viruses and other malicious content,
  • you acknowledge that there may be minor errors or bugs in it.
  • We cannot promise it works with any third party software or equipment, unless we say so on our website

We recommend that you follow any guidance we give you when purchasing, or contained within the confirmation email.

We do not warrant that our website or our recordings will be available at any particular time or Location; that any defects or errors in Materials will be corrected; or that the Materials are free of viruses or other harmful components.

3. Consumer rights and consumer cancellation rights             

Consumers have special statutory information and cancellation rights. The statutory definition of “Consumer” is set out in section 1.7 above.

If you are buying goods, services or digital content from our site for purposes relating to your business, trade, craft or profession, you are not a Consumer and you do not have the statutory right to cancel.  But please do contact us (see 1.3) with your feedback if you were not satisfied for any reason.

If you think you are buying as a Consumer, please make sure to review our factsheet of your consumer rights information and your consumer cancellation rights.

As a Consumer, your cancellation rights with us are, in summary, to cancel your purchase contract and get your money back if:

Product: you notify us within 14 days of receiving the goods that you want to cancel; you promptly return the goods in saleable condition to us at your cost;

Note: returning the goods safely will be at your cost.

Download: you do not have a right to cancel if you download or begin an on-demand course; an audiobook; an eBook; a download.

Event: you have 14 days to cancel an in-person or live-streamed course, provided the cancellation is prior to the event

When you buy digital content, you’ll get an email so you can start or download it. The email will require you to click a link to access the content. As soon as you click on the link you will lose the right to cancel if you are a Consumer.

4. Intellectual property rights

4.1. Ownership of IP Rights

IP Rights in all Materials produced by us and/or presented in any Event are and shall remain our absolute property.

4.2. Your rights to use Materials

We grant you a non-exclusive royalty-free perpetual licence to use Materials only for your own participation in an Event and for your own private use to support your learning and assist your trade, business, craft, profession.  You must not disclose or use any Materials without our permission for any other purpose. 

4.3. No right to publish or share

Please be absolutely clear: you do not have the right to re-use or publish or adapt any part of any Materials, nor to disclose those Materials to anyone. If you want to do any of these things, you need our written consent before you do it.

4.4.  Multi-user licence

If you are part of larger organisation and/or want to share content with your colleagues, please enquire about multi-user licence (contact details see 1.3 above).

4.5. Your security obligations

It is your responsibility to ensure:

  • that you have adequate equipment, broadband/wi-fi and time to access purchased Events, and that you use appropriate virus and malware protection;
  • the safety and security of your log-ins, links, access, and downloads;
  • that you do not do anything to interfere with the running of our website(s) or platforms, nor attempt to gain access to any parts of our site(s) to which you have not been granted access.

4.6. Sharing Product

We understand that books get lent, and we are fine with you sharing our content that way.  However you must get our explicit written consent before copying any part of our Materials (including any part of a book) and sharing it with other people.

4.7. Rights in relation to Downloads

When you buy any digital content and download it, you will not own it. Instead we give you permission to use it (also known as a 'licence'). You can use and enjoy it according to these Terms.

The digital content:

  • is personal to you - you can use it wherever you want in the world but only if you follow local laws
  • is non-exclusive to you - we may supply the same or similar digital content to other users
  • may only be used by you on your devices.

The digital content may not be:

  • copied by you except for a reasonable number of necessary back-ups,
  • changed by you (which means, in particular, that you are not allowed to adapt, reverse-engineer or decompile it, or try to extract the source code from it, except where any of this is allowed by law),
  • combined or merged with, or used in, any other computer program,
  • distributed or sold by you to any third party.

Digital content has information which is owned by us, or third parties, or both. You must not conceal, change or remove any markings which show who owns this information, such as:

  • copyright (©), 
  • registered trademark (®), 
  • unregistered trademark (™) markings.

You will not have any rights of ownership or other rights (of whatever nature) for the digital content or any copies of it.

5. Events

5.1. Event dates

Make sure to check your availability for the time and date of Events.

Some Events may include access to a recording, and the Terms relating to Downloads apply to those Materials.

5.2. Trainer substitution, rescheduling, relocation and cancellation

If we need to cancel or rearrange the Event or its Location due to unforeseen circumstances or situations beyond our control:

  • we will let you know by email or phone;
  • we will tell you what options are available to provide the Event content, or we may elect to cancel the Event and return your fees;
  • we will not be in breach of contract to you provided we follow these steps.

5.3. Event behaviour and indemnity

Where Participants can communicate with each other during an Event, we will provide appropriate Group Rules requiring respectful behaviour towards other Participants.  Any Participant who we determine is in breach of Group Rules may be muted or excluded or removed from the Event without compensation or a right to substitution, and without prejudice to other remedies we may have.

Where the Event involves Participants posting material or comments into a group environment, you must ensure that you do not breach any third-party rights in your postings. You must not make any slanderous or defamatory statements, nor bully or harass anyone or breach our Group Rules.

You cannot be “off the record” in any participation in an Event.

You will indemnify us against all costs, expenses and damages we suffer if a claim is made against us arising from your breaches of this section 5.3.

5.4. Event recording and waiver of rights

Participants' names, voices or images may be recorded or appear when participating in an Event and related comment threads, and Events may be recorded for future publication and/or sale by us. If you do not want your name, voice or image to appear in any recording, you should manage your participation in the Event accordingly so that your engagement in the Event is publishable by us without further permission from you, nor editing or limitation.

You agree that all IP Rights of any nature in Event recordings and in their contents belong exclusively to us.

You agree to waive all moral rights defined in English law in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended, re-enacted or replaced) and parallel rights in other jurisdictions with respect to your contributions in an Event and comment threads, and you agree to grant us an irrevocable perpetual royalty-free licence to publish and use them.

You may not photograph, screenshot, record, or video any Event content unless this is agreed in writing in advance. If recording is agreed, the content delivered by us that is captured by you or on your behalf will remain our absolute copyright and your using it may be subject to a repeat fee or licence fee.

5.5 Changing an event registration date

For Events where we offer multiple dates (for example, a training course offered each month), you can move the date of your registration for free if you:

  • make the request more than 4 weeks before the Event date,
  • haven’t already asked us to move your registration,
  • paid full price for the Event.

We charge a fee in all other cases, including:

  • requests less than 4 weeks before an Event,
  • we’ve already moved your registration,
  • we gave a discount on the registration.

The fee amount varies based on when the request is made:

  • 2 to 4 weeks before an Event: 25 percent of the registration fee,
  • less than 2 weeks before an Event: 50 percent of the registration fee.

6. Returns

If you are a Consumer, we will honour your statutory rights to cancel your purchase or return Product for a refund – see section 3 above.

If you are not a Consumer and you wish to cancel your purchase or return product, please contact us (see section 1.3). Cancellation of purchase and refund of payment will be in our absolute discretion and not subject to any requirement of reasonableness.

7. Price and payment

The price of the goods, services and/or digital content:

  • is in pounds sterling (£)(GBP) unless otherwise stated,
  • includes VAT at the applicable rate.

The price does not include the cost of delivery. Delivery options and costs will be provided before you place your order.

Provided there are no glitches in the system, we accept the following means of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

We’ll do all we reasonably can to make sure all your payment and personal information is secure. We do this by using an encrypted and secure payment platform. 

We will not be responsible if a third party gets unapproved access to any information you give us, unless it’s due to our negligence. 

Your credit card or debit card will only be charged when we confirm your order.

All credit card or debit card payments need to be authorised by the relevant card issuer. From time to time, we may also use extra security steps including: 

  • Verified by Visa, 
  • Mastercard®SecureCodeTM, 
  • or equivalent services.  

8. Liability limitation

8.1. Force majeure

We will not be liable for failure to meet our obligations under these Terms where it has not reasonably practicable to do so due to circumstances beyond our control.

8.2. Limitation of liability

There shall be no personal liability of any of our principals, directors, partners, employees, agents or sub-contractors, arising in any way out of the performance or non-performance of our contract with you.

We shall have no liability for any indirect or consequential losses or expenses suffered by you, however caused, including but not limited to loss of anticipated profits, goodwill, reputation, business receipts or contracts, or losses or expenses resulting from third party claims.

Our aggregate financial liability to you shall in no circumstances exceed the amount paid by you for the purchase which gave rise to such liability.

Nothing in these Terms shall be interpreted as excluding or restricting any legal liability on us or others where liability cannot legally be excluded or restricted.

9. Data privacy

We will process your personal data in line with our Data Privacy Policy. A link to our Data Privacy Policy can be found on our website.

10. Resolving problems

10.1. Let us know

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unhappy with any Goods, Downloads, Events, our service to you, or any other matter where you are not entirely satisfied.

10.2. Resolving disputes

We’ll try to resolve any disputes with you quickly and efficiently. If you and we cannot resolve a dispute promptly, the aggrieved party may take court action.

10.3. No waiver

If we or you delay or fail to enforce any of these Terms on any occasion, that will not affect or limit our or your ability to enforce that term on any other occasion or at any time.

10.4. Termination

The termination or conclusion of any purchase agreement governed by these Terms shall not affect rights and obligations already accrued before termination, and shall not undermine the continued enforceability of the intellectual property obligations set out in these Terms.

10.5. Severability

If any provision of these Terms is unenforceable or invalid, words shall be struck out to the minimum extent necessary to make the provision enforceable and this shall not affect the enforceability of the other provisions of our Agreement.

10.6. Law and jurisdiction

All our agreements are governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.