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Content Club: The Pilot

Published 6 November 2020, by Clare Reucroft in Content Design Content Process.

Earlier this year, we announced that we were going to pilot a content club. This was a place for content designers across the UK and around the world to connect, share experiences, and offer support to each other.

We are delighted to say that 60 people took part in the pilot over a three month period, from 20 July to 16 October 2020.

This blog post is sharing what we did, what we’ve learned, and the next steps.

This is what we did

We started the content design club as a testing ground to see what the community needed. Over 13 weeks, we learnt as we went along what worked and what didn’t. It was truly an Agile and iterative pilot which evolved as we learnt from a fantastic, engaged group of people.

There was a huge amount of diversity in the group, from people new to content design but wanting to find out more to experienced content designers and content strategists. Having this mix of people, allowed us to understand what the value and benefits were of different aspects of the club, and helped to inform the sessions, events, and activities we coordinated.


Lots of people who are new to content design have never done a crit before. A crit is a critique. You can read more about them in Sarah’s blog post, Content Crits.

We wanted to give them a shared community space, with open and honest feedback, where they could learn what a crit should feel like.

There was some really great work submitted for our crits, including content on managing contraception, learning more about osteoporosis and advice for disabled people.


It’s where most things happen, right? We created a slack space for our community to share their days, ask questions and offer advice. It was lovely to see the community taking up the reins of this space. More often than not, questions were answered way before any of the CDL team got to them - and this is exactly as we wanted it.

Weekly sessions

Our weekly meets were always filled with lively discussions, whether they were based around a show and tell or a specific topic. We were fortunate some weeks to have guest speakers sharing their expertise on things like content strategy and channel mapping.

Other weeks, we hosted show and tells and asked the community to share what they’d been working on. These sessions included topics such as journey mapping domestic abuse, and looking through training materials for civil servants.

Next steps:

At the end of the pilot, we ran a retro with the group, learning what worked, and ways we could improve. Thanks to the wonderful feedback and insights from this pilot, we will be launching the content club from 16 November 2020.

For the launch, we will be keeping the same price as the pilot, at just £10+ VAT per month (less than the price of a Dominos meal deal!). For this, you will get:

  • access to the exclusive content club slack channel, to build your network, ask the community questions, share experiences (and pain!), and learn from others across the industry,
  • a content design template each month to support your work, and make your job a little bit easier (these are tools and guides based on over a decade of experience from the Content Design London team),
  • regular social catch-ups, hosted by the team at Content Design London.

This is just the start. We’ve had many, many ideas about things we want to share with the community, and have been asked for additional activities during our pilot retro with the community.

From January, we will be adding an additional two membership options, with more exclusive content, access to training, more events, coordinated crits, and even one to one coaching with a content design expert, to support you with your ambitions.

If that isn’t enough, we are also offering a free month and free copy of the Readability Guidelines, or Content Design book to everyone who signs up for the first year.


We are not limiting places this time, we want to ensure the community remains inclusive and open to everyone.

If you’d like to sign up, please visit our Content Club website.

I’d like to end with a very special thank you to everyone who took part in the pilot, has provided feedback on what they would like from a content club, and has been with us on our journey so far.

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