Content Transformation

This book is a practical guide to content transformation. It lays out the process to get from an overcrowded website, app or service to something people can use and enjoy.

Hinrich von Haaren has worked on transformation projects in the public and private sector. Here, he shares his experiences and those of the incredible teams he has worked with.

Whether you are a lone content person or small content team, this book is for you. It can help you turn a whole organisation to a better way of working, or get an established team started on a new project.

What’s in the book

Part 1: Setting up transformation

How to set the right conditions to make content transformation happen, including:

  • convincing people,
  • building your case,
  • using data to get buy-in.

Part 2: Preparing for a content alpha

An alpha is where you try out different solutions to the problems you learnt about in discovery. This section will help you get organised before you start your alpha and understand how to make a plan based on research and data.

Part 3: Running a content alpha

This phase is all about researching and designing. From understanding your users and mapping their needs, through to writing, reviewing and testing content. Also find out how to keep momentum.

Part 4: Content strategy and transformation

Understanding what content strategy and how it works in practice. Learn about the role of content principles, and how different ways of working can help you deliver your plan to transform your content.

Part 5: Beta and after

The beta phase is where you take your best idea from alpha and start building it for real. In this section, you’ll learn how to run your beta and understand what full content transformation should look like.

Cheat sheets

Templates to help with your own content transformation, including a quick alpha guide and workshop suggestions.


Such an important book. I’ve said it before and I’ll (probably) say it again: having people champion content when you’re not in the room is such an important success metric. I love that this book covers the part of content we don’t often give enough focus to — the people stuff! The practical tips for convincing humans along the way really stood out to me, and an unforgettable reference to Cinderella…

- Candi Williams

This book is full of amazing techniques, ideas, and strategies for content transformation. Beyond that, it’s refreshingly honest about the problems you’ll face and the people you’ll have to convince. If you’re helping an org with big content challenges, it should be one of your closest companions.

Far too many UX books leave you with more questions than answers. You hear that getting buy-in from upper management is important, but don’t learn how to do it. You see lots of impressive journey maps, but don’t understand how they relate to your work. This book brings you along every step of the way, and makes the seemingly impossible task of content transformation feel doable.

- Michael Metts

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A photo of the front cover of Content transformation by Hinrich von Haaren

A diagram of content transformation in 11 steps

A photo of a page from Content transformation by Hinrich von Haaren

A photo of a page from Content transformation by Hinrich von Haaren

A photo of a page from Content transformation by Hinrich von Haaren

A photo of a page from Content transformation by Hinrich von Haaren

A photo of Content transformation on a desk