The agile comms handbook

This is a short, practical guide for people and teams who are keen to start working in the open. Agile comms is a set of simple techniques for bringing work and comms closer together - it helps teams communicate about work, as it happens.

Giles Turnbull has worked with lots of teams in government and the private sector, helping them bring a more accessible, human tone to their communication material. This book brings together the things he's learned along the way.

Agile comms isn't the same as content design, but the two ideas have a lot in common. This book is useful for content designers, product owners, delivery managers, user researchers, comms professionals, strategists, founders, digital transformation professionals and senior leaders. It's lively, accessible, readable and short. There are tea-related jokes.

What's in the book

  • how to communicate to busy people
  • using layers to make difficult subjects easier to understand
  • how to gather raw material to support communication
  • using a blog (or something that works like a blog) to speed up comms output
  • writing better slides
  • doing better presentations
  • tips for good use of video
  • planning and processes for agile comms
  • setting up a team
  • what leaders need to know and do

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A photo of the front cover of the agile comms handbook by Giles Turnbull

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