On-demand Foundation in Content Design course

Our CPD certified Foundation in Content Design course is now available in a new format. Learn to design content in your own time with 12 video modules, exercises and worksheets.

About the course

You’ll go through the content design process from desk research to writing user-centred content. The course content and all the exercises are based on best practice gathered over a decade of content design work.

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Who it's for

You’re new to content design or want to improve your skills in your own time. You should already be familiar with writing and creating content for websites or apps.

How it works

Buy the course and get access to it for 12 months.

Work on your own topic to design and write a piece of content.

We estimate it takes around 20 hours to complete the course. However, this is a rough estimate because everyone works at a different pace.

If you have questions about this course, email: learning@contentdesign.london

The trainers

Sarah Winters is the founder of Content Design London and the author of the book Content Design.

Hinrich von Haaren is the co-founder of the Content Design Academy and author of the book Content Transformation.

What you’ll learn

Find out who your users are, what they want and need from you, and how to give it to them.

Module 1: What is content design?

How content design was developed and what skills you need to be a successful content designer.

Module 2: Discovery – how users speak

Find your users' natural language through quick and easy desk research techniques.

Module 3: Discovery – how your users think

Find your users’ mental models – their thoughts, ideas and expectations about your topic.

Module 4: User journeys

Learn to map a user journey to understand what steps your users go through to reach their goal.

Module 5: User needs

Based on your research, identify what your users need from you and learn to write user needs in a standard format.

Module 6: Acceptance criteria for user needs

Add more detail to your user needs to define when your content successfully meets these needs.

Module 7: Content behaviour

Learn about how users interact with content online and how that impacts your content structure.

Module 8: Content formats

Learn how to work with other teams such as design, UX and UI, to find the best ways to present your content together.

Module 9: How we read

Learn about reading psychology and how it informs the way we write content for online users.

Module 10: Voice and tone

Develop your content voice and tone based on what you’ve learned about your audience.

Module 11: Content accessibility

Learn about different aspects of accessibility and what you can do to open your content up to everyone.

Module 12: Reviewing content

Discover reviewing techniques that save time and make the content creation process more enjoyable.