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We love our content design community. It’s a collective of supportive, squishy and lively humans, and it’s big. Our name suggests London and the UK, but our community extends beyond that.

Our community is worldwide

Sometimes that distance can make us feel further apart. It can be hard to connect with people on the other side of the world, even when we know we share similar challenges. 

But we also know content design can be lonely, being the only content designer in your organisation or even just the only one in a meeting. 

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Bringing a vast community of content designers together 

Looking around the world and learning from each other makes the distance between us smaller. 

Content designers might be called different things in different countries, or work in slightly different ways. But we’re all on the same journey. And travelling can be better with company, especially when they make it easier for us to find our way.

We need friends, peers and mentors in all shapes and sizes if we’re going to carry on transforming the world through what we do. 

That’s why we’ve started a podcast. 

It’s easy to hear the voices that are close to us, and sometimes the content community can feel quite small if we only look to the UK. But there are people doing amazing things around the world!

Sarah Winters went on a journey (no suitcases involved) 

Our founder, Sarah, went on a mission to find out what’s happening in content design beyond the UK:

  • Are the challenges the same? 
  • Do different countries mean different struggles?
  • Do we argue over user needs and bullet point styles no matter where we are? 

And even in countries that we might hear from more regularly, like the US, are there differences?

Sarah talks to 4 content designers:

  • Gladys Diandoki in France, who talks about the struggle for French language resources for designers (and why she wrote her own!),
  • Ghada Kandil in Egypt, who worked on creating an app for people with low literacy,
  • Persis Howe in the US, who opens up about creating content for different layers of government, 
  • Katherine (Kat) Igiezele, who is part of Toptal's Core Team based in Nigeria. 

Why you should listen

The Global Content Design podcast is a window into different content communities and creators. Find out what it means to have “fingers in your nose” in France. But also find out what to do when pictures and symbols are your only content design tools. Hear new ideas about the challenges we all face, and the ones we may not have encountered (yet).

All this without having to pack a bag or renew your passport!
We hope you love travelling the world with us. 

Available on your favourite podcast app

After you’ve had a listen, tell us what you think

Please tell us:

  • what you want to hear about,
  • about anyone else working in content you think we should be talking to,
  • how can we share a range of experiences in our community in a way that makes us all stronger.

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