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We have 2 books: Content Design and the Readability Guidelines.

The Content Design book

The book is a short, lively and practical introduction to content design. Using
real-world and imagined examples, it steps you through the content design
process, explaining everything along the way.

What’s in the book

Chapter 1: Why content matters
Chapter 2: The science of reading
Chapter 3: Content discovery and research
Chapter 4: User stories and job stories
Chapter 5: Bringing your organisation with you
Chapter 6: Designing content
Chapter 7: Writing content
Chapter 8: Pair writing
Chapter 9: Crits
Chapter 10: Finished pages

Buying options

Option 1 – buy from here

You can buy a copy straight from this site. Delivery is not as fast as Amazon Prime but if you are having problems with delivery in your country or you want a lovely black envelope shrouding your book, use this option.

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Option 2 – buy on Amazon

If you are an Amazon Prime customer or just want to order through Amazon, you can do that: Content Design on (Is available in other countries on Amazon.)

Option 3 – get 20% off

As you know, we sell lots of books. This time, we’ve had a problem, which is annoying. However, as part of our bid to become more carbon neutral we don’t want to pulp those books.

Right now, we have a batch that have no design on the spine. Gah! But to reduce waste, we’re offering the books at a 20% discount. To make things interesting if you buy one of this batch do let us know what you would put on the spine to make someone who knows nothing about content design pick the book up? We would love to see your ideas on Twitter and tag us in.

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Readability Guidelines 2019

Style guide decisions are often usability and accessibility decisions. We’ve produced a collaborative, evidenced ​Readability Guidelines wiki. The idea was to crowdsource evidence to help inform or discuss style decisions. With many contributors from around the world and one great printer, we now have our Readability Guidelines 2019 book. Like the wiki, the book contains points on:

● using clear language, including: plain English, specialist terms and words to avoid,

● grammar points, including abbreviations, hyphens and dashes, capital letters, and numbers,

● audiences, devices and channels, including: writing about people, mobiles and tablets, and social media,

● content design, including: links, headers and titles, how people read and page design

And more.

Buying options

You can buy a copy straight from this site. 

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You can get both Content Design and Readability Guidelines for £20 + postage and packaging. The Content Design book is from our batch with no artwork on the spine.

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