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Book is up early

18 August 2017

By Sarah Richards

Content Design

Okay, so the cat is out of the bag. Or rather my book is actually available to buy. Working with Amazon has been a nightmare so I was planning to just release it on 31 Aug – this gives me enough time to get through their horrible system and make sure it looks decent.

However, some of you have found it and bought it already. (YAY and oooo errr…)

So, you have 3 options.

Option 1 – if you are on the email list

If you are on the newsletter list, you’ll get an email around 8am on Aug 31st to buy one of 200 signed copies.

(If you are not in the UK, delivery may be cheaper with Amazon.)

Option 2 – give Sarah more of the royalties

If you want to give me more of the cash and don’t care about the – frankly horrific – website design, you can order on createspace, which is part of Amazon.

Option 3 – buy on Amazon

If you are an Amazon Prime customer or just want to order through Amazon, you can do that: Content Design on (Is available in other countries on Amazon.)

Hope you find the book useful. All feedback very welcome @escmum on Twitter.

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