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Published 19 June 2020, by Sarah Winters in Content Design Content Process.

Content design has been around for 9 years now. We’ve taken our courses all over the world and now we are sharing courses (new and old), books and blogs to help you get into the industry or advance your existing skills.

Working in the open - 1 day

A large chunk of a content designer’s time is talking to the organisation about what we do and why we do it. Giles Turnbull is an expert in communicating clearly. In his course, Giles will cover:

  • how to use a blog as an external team brain,
  • how to use presentations well, and when not to,
  • how to make or commission good video content,
  • creative ideas that make people think about your work.

Blog post from Giles

Course webinar video to get you excited!

This course will be running on the 21st of July, click here to book your place

2-day content design course

We’ve been running this for a few years now. We will take you through:

  • journey mapping - this will help you understand what content needs to be where and on what channel,
  • using SEO tools to help your audience find your content
  • user needs - using this agile method can help you create clear, consistent communications across all of your channels
  • prioritisation.

Our course is:

  • CPD certified,
  • taught in small groups that allow for 1:1 tuition,
  • an overview of how to run a content design sprint.

If you are unemployed because of the virus, you may be able to get a free place on our next 2-day course. Email us

The next 2-day course will be running in September, dates to follow.

Blog posts

What is content design?

Getting into content design

Content design for marketers

Advanced content design - 2 days

This course is for senior content designers, product managers, service designers and others. You are used to working with user needs and user journeys and want to look at the bigger picture.

On the course we will look at how to get from a bank of user needs to pieces of content and how to manage bigger content projects.

Over the 2 days you will:

  • identify user needs from research,
  • learn how to get from a bank of user needs to projected pieces of content,
  • understand how empathy mapping works for content in user journeys,
  • identify which messages to get across on which channels,
  • get an introduction to managing content projects,
  • learn how to start content patterns,
  • learn how to present content design work to embed content more into your organisation.

Blog posts

Value of content design

Matching user needs with business goals

The course will run later this year, dates to follow.

Introduction to content strategy course

This is for anyone who wants to look at the bigger content picture and ways of working like agile content production. We’ll take you through:

  • the basics about content strategy - why it’s worth having one,
  • how to map main user needs to business goals to develop your content core,
  • how to start a content proposition - what you do and don’t want to publish,
  • workflow and governance mapping,
  • how to identify success and value of content,
  • how to communicate your content strategy to other parts of the business,
  • how to start a content roadmap.

We’ll teach you the techniques you’ll need to go back into your organisation and start your content strategy.

This course will be held on the 23 and 24 of September. More details to follow.

We can also offer further consultancy and coaching to follow-up if necessary.

If you’d like training for your own organisation, we also run our courses privately and will tailor them to you and your industry.

Content design course by GDS.

The online GDS course covers the fundamentals of content design and an introduction to user-centred content with some examples from use within UK government.

Details here

For those staring at the screen wondering why we’d promote the GDS course, why wouldn’t we? If we had a monopoly, it means content design is a dying art. This means content design is mainstream and that more businesses and organisations are taking user needs more seriously, which in turn benefits their objectives.The GDS course is a great intro that covers the basics.


You may find these books interesting

Content design by Sarah Richards

Communities of practice by Emily Webber

Why you need a content team and how to build one by Rachel McConnell

Good Services. How to design services that work by Lou Downe

Writing is designing by Michael J.Metts and Andy Welfe

Lead with content. How to put content at the centre of digital transformation by Padma Gillen

Nicely Said; Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee

Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach

The elements of content strategy by Erin Kissane

Designing Connected Content: Plan and Model Digital Products for Today anf Tomorrow by Carrie Hane and Mike Atherton

We’ve previously trained: Office of National Statistics, British Red Cross, Nice, The Law Society, Hilton and the Department for Education amongst others.


‘This course should be mandatory for anyone entering the world of content design’ (2-day content design course)

‘Transformed the way I think about writing content from just writing then editing to meet the user needs to working out the user’s needs FIRST then writing the content to match’ (2-day content design course)

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