Choosing a workshop

The right course depends on your current situation. Which of the following best describes you?

Planning a complete overhaul of your digital or starting out

You might want to start with a content strategy workshop so you have:

  • a publishing cycle
  • governance
  • an understanding of how to produce user-centred content
  • a strategy to help the whole organisation understand publishing decisions

A content strategy is the foundation of everything that you publish digitally and offline. Having a strong foundation that is based in evidence, written down and available to your organisation (and partners etc) can:

  • save your organisation a lot of time
  • stop conflict
  • keep you publishing good quality content that your audience wants

There’s more information on the content strategy workshop page. Then you need to decide the depth of content design skills you already have in, or want in, your team.

The foundation of writing user-centred content

If you’d like your team to be able to:

  • use data and evidence to help them find ways to connect with your audience
  • apply search engine optimisation techniques
  • produce user-centred content

consider the writing for the web course.

This is a one-day course for people who are new to writing for digital or people with existing copywriting/journalism skills who would like to build on the digital side of their expertise.

User-centred content techniques

The 2-day content design course is for people who want to learn an end-to-end, agile, user-centred way of producing content.

We take participants though how to create the building blocks of successful content, like:

  • how to structure a page
  • what language to use
  • how to prioritise messages

We also go through techniques to help you get sign-off from stakeholders using the data and evidence.

You can use this as a refresher – we show the latest research in the workshops – or as a complete introduction to those new to writing in a user-centred way.