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Content Design Academy – why you might consider it

Published 6 March 2020, by Clare Reucroft in Content Design Research.

Doing the Content Design Academy is a big decision. You’ve got to show up, have your brain switched on for two (more) hours after work, for 14 weeks, and do homework most weeks. To put it bluntly, it’s a commitment. It was a commitment I considered from many different angles, and here are just a few things I asked of myself, before signing up.


On a very basic level, could I get to London, every Tuesday night, for the next 3 months? In short, yes. But for a little context – Cambridge is home for me, and so London is not exactly a short hop down the road. It was tiring at times, but if you want something enough, then you make it work.

Time commitments

Let’s face it, life is busy. Time ebbs and flows depending on what’s on in a given week. How would I cope finding the time to do homework? Honestly, some weeks I was super organised and done with it the day after class. Other weeks… well, it was the night before.

Both approaches still worked out alright.


Here’s the thing that no one (really) likes to be upfront about. How could I justify the cost of the Academy? It was here I had a little advice, and I really can’t stress enough how helpful seeking some advice was. Essentially, the message was, invest in yourself.

And for me, that really resonated.


Most importantly though, what would I gain from it? How would it affect change for me? Six months down the line, it’s actually a few things.

I got so much out of the Academy but the biggest and by far, the most outstanding factor is the community of support I now have, both from fellow alumni and Content Design London.

Previously, I didn’t know all that many content people. Now, thanks to the Academy and the confidence it gave me to trust my voice and be more active online, I have lots of people I can chat to and learn from.

On a more practical level too, I was able to apply what I was learning in the Academy directly to my work, as it was happening. I started to collaborate with the UX team and deliver content and journey mapping workshops to clients. Even now, I’m using the skills I learnt and applying them to both client projects and volunteer work.

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