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You can get both Content Design and Readability Guidelines books for £20 + postage and packaging. The Content Design book is from our batch with no artwork on the spine.

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The Content Design Book

Between 2010 and 2014, Sarah and her team at the Government Digital Service invented the discipline of content design by applying new techniques to their work. In this book, Sarah explains what “content design” really means, and tells you how to put those techniques into your organisation and your web project.

The book is a short, lively and practical introduction to content design. Using real-world and imagined examples, it steps you through the content design process, explaining everything along the way.

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The Readability Guidelines Book

Style guide decisions are often usability and accessibility decisions. We’ve produced a collaborative, evidenced ​Readability Guidelines wiki. With many contributors from around the world and one great printer, we now have our Readability Guidelines book.

Like the wiki the book contains points on:

  • using clear language, including: plain English, specialist terms and words to avoid,
  • grammar points, including abbreviations, hyphens and dashes, capital letters, and numbers,
  • audiences, devices and channels, including: writing about people, mobiles and tablets, and social media,
  • content design, including: links, headers and titles, how people read and page design

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