Content Design London club

We were planning to launch this club in April. Given everything going on right now, we wondered if it was the right time. We went out to social media and asked. Mostly, people wanted to know more, so this post is it. The point of a content club Through our content...

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Communicating clearly

This blog post is about communicating at a difficult time. You'll note that I am not using the cor-word, the pan-word, or the abbreviation with 19 in it. This is because I want to keep this post out of search results. I don’t want people looking for health advice to...

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2019 was brilliant. We’ve: trained over 500 people across 4 countries, moved our course to Australia, worked with companies like Office of National Statistics (ONS), British Red Cross, Hilton, UKRI, Equiniti and Which?, donated 147 number of trees to our usabilitrees...

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What is content design?

Content design is answering a user need in the best way for the user to consume it. In my book, I said: “Content design is a way of thinking. “It's about using data and evidence to give the audience what they need, at the time they need it and in a way they expect.”...

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Upcoming courses

Canberra – 23 and 24 June 2020
2-day content design course

Leeds – 09 and 10 June 2020
2-day content design course

Sydney – 02 and 03 June 2020
2-day content design course

London – 12 and 13 May 2020
2-day content design course

Melbourne – 06 and 07 May 2020
2-day content design course

Bristol – 15 and 16 April 2020
2-day content design course





In April 2020 we kick off the second Content Design London Academy.

Taking place 1 evening a week, over 12 weeks, it will give you the chance to complete a real content design project for a small charity with industry-leading experts.

Find out more here.

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