CDL’s January 2019

Last week, we had a team meeting. Whilst this is not earth-shaking news, there are some things that might interest you so we thought we would blog about it. 1. On Twitter, we are now @ContentDesignLN We changed this because we are now an established team and credit...

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Content Design 2018/19

This is one of those round-up posts. 2018 has been pretty lovely and I am massively grateful to you for allowing me to be part of this fabulous content industry. People We’ve gone from 3 people: me (Sarah), Ruth (social media manager who has been with me from the...

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Upcoming courses

London – 01 and 02 May 2019
2-day content design course

Bristol – 05 and 06 June 2019
2-day content design course

London – 02 and o3 July 2019
2-day content design course


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